Question: Why do I have to install a Backflow Prevention Assembly on my property?

Answer: The State of Florida Building code requires Backflow Prevention Assemblies to be installed on all services depending on the degree of hazard, the type of service (i.e. fire suppression system, irrigation system, and domestic water system), and the use of the facility. The type of Backflow Prevention Assembly that is required also depends on the above-mentioned criteria.

Question: Why am I required to have my Backflow Prevention Assembly tested and how often must I have it done?

Answer: Since the backflow preventer is a mechanical device with springs, moving parts and rubber seating surfaces, which wear over time, it must be tested upon installation and every year on or before the previous testing date as mandated by code, to ensure that the assembly is working properly.

Question: What is a Certified Tester?

Answer: A Certified Tester is a person who has completed a specialized training course in backflow prevention assembly testing and has passed a proficiency test to prove his/her knowledge. A license upon completion of a passing course is issued to the person by the State of Florida.

Question: How much does it cost to have my Backflow Prevention Assembly tested?

Answer: Contact our office for pricing. Prices vary due upon governmental municipalities permit procedures.

Question: What are the penalties for not complying with the yearly inspection?

Answer: Civil violation notices (fines) may be issued and vary within governmental municipality ,check with your local governmental authorities for enforcement procedures. There has been cases where water service has been disconnected until inspection has been completed.