BACKFLOW CERTIFICATIONS-Your one stop shop for all your backflow needs since 1997
BACKFLOW CERTIFICATIONS-Your one stop shop for all your backflow needs since 1997


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To help keep our public water clean it must be isolated from undesirable reversal of water flow or mixtures of water with liquids, gases or toxic health hazard substances into the distribution of the potable water system. Backflow Prevention assemblies provide that protection and must be tested a least annually.

1A Backflow & Services offers this service to all in need, catering to property management groups, plumbing companies, contractors, residential owner’s etc…. We provide this service throughout the State of Florida and are based throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Testing and inspection of backflow preventers is our specialty. We have become one of the most recognized and respected backflow assembly testing companies in our profession today. We have achieved this status through our high standards of service and have established a very strong reputable profile in our industry today since established in 1997.

Please contact us for your next inspection or service call, together we can make a difference in keeping our public water clean.

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It is now required by law through the State of Florida Sec 312.9 that all backflow prevention devices be tested at least annually. Failure to comply places you and everyone else at risk. Please help keep our water clean and pure.

  (Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection)

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Cross Connection Control, Backflow Inspections and Certifications - Residential and Commercial Property.
• Annual Testing & Inspection
• Service Documentation Filing
• Device Tagging (WHERE APPLICABLE)
• Compliance Review and Assessment


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